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New Years Honours List

Both items passed unanimously

at the 2008 AGM

An idea.....

by Hamish


I would like to propose we formally recognise the continued contributions of a couple of our longest standing members.
Some feedback from other members would be great. Let me know your thoughts by emailing me .
Murray Philpott

Given Murray's form at the recent European Champs (read the reports not the results!) and the fact that he has been one of the worlds top 10 A-Cat sailors since before most of us even took up the class, I would like to see his efforts formally recognised by issuing Murray with the NZL1 sail number. This could be used by Murray until such time that he retires from the class or another sailor surpasses his record 7 National Titles.
If nothing else, at least he will save a small fortune on sail numbers! lol
Graham Davey

Three or Four years ago I suggested that we honour Graham with a NZADCA Life Membership for his efforts in keeping the class alive in NZ by personally building much of the fleet and introducing many of the class members over the years. Mark Davidson (The Wanaka Assassin) suggested we keep with tradition and award once Graham stands down as president.
Time for a reality check... Who is ever going to stand up to the plate and take on the role of NZADCA President? No one! Those shoes are just too tough to fill.
Graham Davey will likely be the NZADCA President to the day he dies.
I say "bugger tradition" award him now, after all he wont save much on class subs if he is dead!

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