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Multihull for 2016 - Hooray, Cats back in the Olympics!

From:                                        petitioners-bounces@multihull2016.com on behalf of Multihull 2016 [info@multihull2016.com]

Sent:                                           Wednesday, 11 May 2011 5:53 a.m.

To:                                               info@multihull2016.com

Subject:                                     [Petitioners] Hooray, Cats back in the Olympics!

Attachments:                         ISAF 2011 Multihull Decision.pdf (click to open)

Importance:                            High


On Saturday ISAF made the decision for which we have been campaigning, to reinstate a Multihull Event in the Olympic Regatta. Please see the attached report by Paul Pascoe, President of the ISAF Multihull Commission or read it on www.multihull2016.com and www.catamaran.co.uk
It was the weight of opposition that helped make the ISAF Council change its mind, so thank you very much for your support.
There will be no more relevant developments till ISAF decides which boat to use for this Event and that will probably be at its November 2012 Annual Meeting. This will therefore be the last email on this subject, so thank you finally.
Nick Dewhirst
United Kingdom Catamaran Racing Association


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