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Daryl's New Boat



Now that my boat is up and running I'm starting to look for a new home for my hull moulds. I've got nowhere to store them so I will have to pass them on or cut them up - and it would be a pity to destroy them as they seem pretty quick!!

If there is anyone out there who is looking at building a new set of hulls then get in touch with me on: dsenn@ihug.co.nz

All the best, Daryl



Progress so far...


The Design

(click on images to enlarge)

Machining the mould

(click on images to enlarge)


Assembling the mould

(click on images to enlarge)

To explain the method a bit - I have hull moulds split on centreline for the port & starboard sides of the hull. The moulds have been machined from a block of high-density polystyrene foam, on a backing of 3mm MDF to form the sharp edge on centreline.
Because the polystyrene foam is much too soft to be able to vacuum bag a hull on (the vacuum will just crush the polystyrene), the foam is covered with a light (~0.7mm) fibreglass laminate to form the actual mould surface and the vacuum boundary.

More mould assembly

(click on images to enlarge)

Have been continuing to work on my hull moulds - and now finally the starboard mould is finished. Unfortunately it looks like there may be a delay in sourcing the carbon fabric for the skin, so I will use up some time by preparing the port side mould as well.
The photos show the mould skin being laminated, and the final coat of Duratec being painted on the surface to give it a good hard wearing finish.
Still lots of work to do - but it's good to finish one part, soon I hope to do some work on the actual boat rather than mould building...

And out pops a boat

(click on images to enlarge)

Laminating inside skin on inner shells 1 Laminating inside skin on inner shells 2 Laminating inside skin on inner shells 3 Laminating inside skin on inner shells 4 Fairing core on inner shells Laminating outside skin on inner shells
The four hull shells are each moulded (inside skin, core and outside skin for each) - the laminate is a 200gsm carbon cloth @ 45 each side of 6mm Airex foam core, with some additional reinforcing to stiffen the hulls in fore & aft bending. Getting the core to fit nicely was a bit of a chore, with hindsight I should have built female moulds to make core fitting easier and reduce the amount of fairing work needed later. Oh well, you live and learn...
Once the hull shells were all made I took the chance to mock up the platform approximately as it will be - just so I could dream for a while about it being finished!
Then the bulkheads, chain plates and centreboard cases were made & bonded in, and the hull shells joined. It was good to finally see the real hull shape after all that time.
Next will be some filling & fairing work before bonding the beams on, then it will really fill up the garage! At this point each hull weighs 14kg - will increase a little with painting but I'm pretty happy with that so far.
So I'm hoping to be doing some sailing this summer - looking forward to seeing everyone at the Nationals in Napier!
All the best, Daryl

(click on images to enlarge)

First platform setup Installing bulkheads Installing centrecases Shells ready for joining  Ready to laminate hull join

Getting very close

(click on images to enlarge)

Assembly Jig Fairing Hulls Joining Beams 02 Joining Beams 03 Joining Beams 04

Here's another update. The hull bottoms and sides had to be faired after joining the halves, and now after building the jig to hold everything flat, straight & parallel Dad & I have laminated the beams into the hulls - hooray it looks like an A-cat finally!!

 Won't float yet as I haven't put the transoms on, but progress is definitely being made. Next will be some work on tramp tracks, traveller, mast step, c/boards, rudders, stocks, tillers, mast, boom, fittings, painting - the list goes on!

 All the best, Daryl

Close but no cigar nationals

(click on images to enlarge)

Turning over Off for the tramp fitting Ready for painting 01 Ready for painting 02 Off to the painters Wet n' drying hulls

Just a quick update on progress over the last couple of months. After much fairing & sanding the platform had it's first road trip off to get the tramp fitted, and then following more sanding it had it's primer coat of paint rolled on before again going off on a road trip to the painters to spray the top coat. Now it's ready for fittings to go on and all the little details!

 Unfortunately I've run out of time to get down to Napier for the Nationals - disappointing but, of course, every thing takes longer than I think! All the best for the racing, hope everyone has fun and see you in the new year.

 Cheers, Daryl

It floats!

(click on images to enlarge)

Centreboard bearings Rigging 1 Rigging 2 Rigging 3 First sail 1
First sail 2 First sail 3 First sail 4 First sail 5  

Finally I can send some photos of a working boat rather than an object in a garage! First sail was On Mon 25th Jan at Hobby, in winds varying from 5kn at the ramp to 18kn in the channel - definitely a bit scary for first time out!

The boat has come together really well and feels great to sail - but then again so do all A-cats! It's good to start sailing and getting the boat sorted, really looking forward to some racing with the Hobby crowd over the next few weeks.

Hope to see you soon, cheers Daryl


PS - it will be NZL 246, named Scythe (will do some stickers and change the sail numbers when time allows, but sailing is first priority now!)


How about some video

Auckland A-Class Action

(thanks Daryl)


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